Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mild March

A beautiful sunny start to the day, it's so nice to swim through the light infused water. Swirls of light running through the water bouncing colour off the doors creating a mesmerising effect.

I was a little earlier than usual so got to see some different faces in the water. Jonathan, Vince, Hilary, Michael and Sangeeta to name but a few.

I only did twelve lengths stopping a few times for pictures but a March mile must surely be on the cards while this weather holds. There was a fashion shoot going on at the top of the pool, they didn't really have to fake the summer vibe given the light this morning.

7.5ÂșC really feels so much warmer. I know in reality that's quite cold and I was glad to get into the sauna. Sangeeta doesn't do the sauna, she must be very hardy.

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  1. I thought with envy about all of you at the lido this morning as I cycled to work! I love the light in the first picture : )