Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring Gala

Last night's rain had cleared away and we couldn't have asked for a better March morning for The Open Spring Gala. There was quite a crowd with SLSC fielding three teams against the Serpentine and Out To Swim. As always the more competitors the more confusion, mostly on the part of SLSC! The Serpentine and Out To Swim teams were very slick with some great swimmers. I swam one leg of a relay and also a front crawl race. The 33yard dash isn't my expertise, apart from not winning I have no idea how I fared. I wish there was a longer race, a mile perhaps?

The Out To Swim crew made convincing winners. A big thanks to everyone who helped organise and who took part. After the event I got back into the water to do another eighteen lengths with hardly anyone else in the pool.

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