Thursday, 31 January 2013


The sky caught in a puddle.

Receeding clouds and the sun beginning to come through.

I set the camera underwater for forty shots at 10 second intervals and swam off.

These aren't my arms.

A slight return, I like the mirror on the water surface.

The leaves move about when no ones looking!

Four lengths finished in 390 seconds with the water at 3ºC.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I put the camera on it's timer this morning as I swam four lengths. You can hardly see me in the shot, I'll have to try and improve this technique.

It was bright and sunny, reflections bouncing around the bottom of the pool for the first time this year. The days are getting longer!

David took the temperature, still under 3ºC. Hilary and Sue make their way to the cafe.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Flip flop

 The CWSC is over, a lone sparkly flip flop was floating in the pool on this dark yet mild morning.

 The water was still and heavy, after two length I felt I could do more. A four length swim felt good, the water must be around 3ºC.

The marquees have gone and the stadium seating is coming down. The lido goes back to it's sleepy winter ways.

Friday, 25 January 2013


I know it's cold but I didn't expect to see penguins at the lido!

There's a real buzz this morning with preparation going on all around for the CWSC. A large group of volunteers were learning the ropes.

Am I getting re-acclimatised? I did a two length swim, the water still only around 1ºC.

 Stadiums, marquees, film crews, volunteers - it was all go.

See you tomorrow for the big day. Opening ceremony is at 9am.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ice free

The water was clear of ice this morning, the aerator has kept the water moving over night but it's still around a chilly 1ºC.

Jason gives a thumbs up in his pursuit of Bert who set off before him.

Bert head down makes his way down the pool. I also did a length leaving my flip flops at the deep end then after a little sauna swam back up the pool to collect them again.

Johnathan clears whats left of the icy snow around the pool side.

Elizabeth also on a second dip. She dived in and sprinted a width.

Someone has made a home on the common, I wonder how long that will last?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow balls

Not so foggy today, the snow is melting with the exception of these giant snowballs sitting on the pools edge.

The ice has also retreated, a channel was open across the shallow end but their were a few chunks in it.

A couple of Canadian swimmers were enjoying the water, I didn't catch their names. I think this guy did eight widths which is quite impressive.

The snow is well trodden and dirty now. I did two double width swims with a sauna in between.

Post sauna their was some filming going on for a charity I think? In the background you can the contractors starting work on the grandstand for the CWSC this saturday.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Back in the water

After two weeks in Egypt with temperatures over 30ºC I return to the Lido with some intrepidation. Freezing fog, the remains of the snow and a covering of ice greet me. At least I have a good excuse for not swimming very far, it isn't possible.

First in the water is Batch, he hops off the steps before smartly turning around and getting back out.

Charlotte fares a little better swimming a neat circle in the clear water before climbing back up the steps.

I change and stand at the top of the steps, this is the hardest bit willing up the courage to get in. Camera in hand I take the plunge, snap a sub aquatic image under the ice turn and get out. Johnathan captures the moment here.

An enormous wave of exhilaration comes over me, I did it! I make my way to the sauna triumphant.

The childrens pool has a thick covering of ice and virgin snow surrounds the water. My dip was so quick I'm not really that cold but the sauna is great for a chance to catch up with everyone.

Later the the lifeguards are trying to clear the water, breaking up the ice with the snow shovell then dragging the main sheet deeper and repeating to clear a channel at the shallow end. They'll have to do this for the CWSC on Saturday if the weather stays this cold.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Perfect ten

Look a bit of sun! Another mild cloudy morning. I upped my distance and did a ten length swim which felt wonderful, enough to feel it in my arms. They hope the temperature will drop for the Cold Water Swimming Championships but I rather like it as it is.

Tricky was also in for a long swim but like yeasterday the usual crowd were a little later arriving.

Even after my swim it was a little dark. David takes the temperature and it's no surprise it's around 6ºC. I'm off to Egypt on Monday for a couple of weeks, I wonder what the temperature will be when I get back?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dark morning

It was still so dark at 8am that my flash fired when I took this shot. The days might be lengthening but the mornings seem as dark as ever.Tricky was at the shallow end contemplating the water when I arrived.

I like this shot of him, what's his leg doing? I joined him in the water and did an eight length swim. Not sure of the temperature but it must be around 5ºC. The regulars all came in a little later, we chatted in the sauna before I had to go.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Back to work so back to the lido after the Christmas break. After a beautiful sunrise the cloud was piling in but at least it was dry and mild. Michael and Angus were leaving but not many others were around when I arrived, even though I was a bit late. As I got in the water the usual crowd started to appear.

Six lengths was good, cold but not too cold. David later made it just under 5ºC. A good sauna and a catch up on all the festive news. Ian (above) had won his first ever race, the Christmas day cup! Not bad after four years of competing.