Thursday, 31 May 2012

Catching Alfonso

I was just getting in the pool when I saw Alfonso. 'You're early' he said, he had hoped to get in a couple of lengths before I arrived. As it was he joined me after my first two but by mid length I was already ahead. I lagged for a bit but then wanted to get on if I was to complete my two mile swim in time. Although there was high cloud it was warm with the sun trying to break through, the water has stayed just under 20ºC.

Alfonso swam the 10K at Eton last week end in 2.54:31, no wonder he seemed a little tired. My goal was to try and catch him up over the two miles, I got a little closer with each length but didn't quite make it. I was perhaps 10 yards short after thirty four lengths. What it did mean though was the 3600 yard swim was done in just under 55 minutes. Phew!

Being the end of the month here are my stats:
Number of swims: 21
Temperature: between 9.5ºC and 19.5ºC
Number of lengths: 476
Distance: about 27 miles or 43 Km

May started off so cold, I'm well down on last years near 40 miles. Thankfully the temperature shot up for the end of the month (warmer than last year) and I got a few two milers in. The lido opened to the public a bit earlier this year, I'm not supposed to take pictures during the summer season so posts might be a bit more sporadic from now on.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rubberless Wednesday

Quiet morning, perhaps half the numbers of yesterday. Wednesday is a less popular swimming day for some reason. A light mist had risen and the sun broke through, lovely and warm but not quite so humid as the past few days.

Nick chats to Barbara waiting for Sue and Pip to join him in training. When I wonder why the pool isn't so full today Barbara says 'Rubber Tuesday'. It's an early summer phenomenom apparently when the wetsuits like to train.

Twenty four lengths was enough today, great to have a bit more space in the water. It's easier to relax when you don't have to keep on the lookout. The water is clearing up a bit as well.

David makes the temperature 19.5ºC today. With the general cooling in the weather predicted this might be the early summer peak.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Another super sunny morning, the water about 19ºC. When I arrived at 8am the water was frothing with wetsuits swimming every which way and it was difficult to find a spot to swim. I'm afraid we've been discovered now and it'll be like this for the summer. Thankfully most of the manic swimmers have departed for the office by 8.30am and the water settles down. Batch got bashful but Pip smiled for the camera.

I took a few snaps after my swim, as you can see it was warm enough just to relax and chat at the side of the pool. It's already difficult to remember how cold it was only a week ago. Margy has just arrived and catches up with Tricky and Sue before her swim.

The two Carls discussing strategy no doubt. I did another thirty six length swim in just under an hour. I'm sure I'll be down on last years May total but it's good to be getting back to longer swims,. After about a mile I feel my stroke becomes much more relaxed and efficient, I wish that happened sooner!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Manic Monday

Okay it doesn't look that manic but with about about thirty odd swimmers in the pool it seemed quite crowded to me.At almost 19ºC the water has risen seven degrees in seven days which is amazing. I didn't make it up over the week-end, in fact I chose not to. From what I was told this morning it was just as well, the hot weather saw the place packed out with queues stretching back into the carpark. The upshot being the Monday morning water is rather cloudy probably with all the suncream washed into it.

So no sub-aqautic images but here's the view from the changing room. Also with water this warm there wasn't much time for chat. I did thirty six lengths, just over two miles in just under an hour. I've also joined a team for the mid summer relay, I'll be swimming with Sue, Nick and Pip.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Funky trunks

The weather continues to excell itself. Quite a busy pool this morning and a chance to try out my new trunks which arrived last night from the USA. I designed them myself using the Tooting Bec Lido badge which has been described as either 'italianate' or 'like something out of Hogwarts'. I wanted a retro style design and needed to use my favoutite colour orange. They weren't cheap but at the same time not too expensive. I had them lined both front and back so they're quite heavy compared to my usual speedo's. I'm really happy with them!

Here's the template I was sent to approve for them. The company is called, their logo is on the rear left of the trunks. I only had time for thirty lenghts today and the water was a tropical 17ºC, that's up 5ºC in five days! The two Sue's, Chris, Ian and Margy were shooting a video to go with the lido song.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Two miles

The warmest day and night of the year saw the temperature rocket up to 16ºC. The crowds still haven't descended on the lido making this the best time of the year for a swim. I started off just outside the the lines on the track side of the pool. The swim trek coach was doing a few lengths ( I guess his lessons were over) try as I might there was no way I could keep up with him. After my first mile Alfonso joined me in the water.

Chris and Sue were also swimming track side. Sue B later played a recording of Chris singing his 'I love Tooting' lido song. It's in the style of George Formby, Vince accompanys on ukulele. It's very good and I'll post a link to it when it's online.

A bit too far away to catch Alfonso's tumble. He's doing the Eton lake swim this Sunday, Good luck!

The sky was grey this morning but it was very warm. The water felt great, pity it's gone a little cloudy.

I'm loving the reflection on this picture, despite a strong kick Alfonso is a very smooth swimmer. I completed thirty six lengths just over two miles and the longest swim I've done this year. It took me just under an hour.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hot stuff

The weather has at last taken a decided turn for the better and accordingly the lido was the fullest I've seen for 8.15am. David took the all important water temperature, just about 14ºC.

The sun was obscured by high clouds but the air so warm it didn't matter. a fair few new suits were in the water once again.

David probably felt like he was in Cannes with both Johnathan and I snapping away while he took the temperature.

You could really feel the difference in the water. Tricky was cruising up and down, his position in the water is really good. Not sure who he was swimming with?

Johnathan was doing his best to keep up with Pip, a bit of a harder swim than he's used to I think.

It looks like Tricky has three arms, no wonder he swims so well. I did twenty two lengths and could happily have done more if I had time. Wasn't cold at all when I got out for the first time this year, didn't need thermals for cycling to work!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Big pool

The pool feels much bigger for some reason? It hasn't changed size it's just that we now have free reign to swim where we want. A cloudy morning if a little warmer but so far the masses have stayed away, only a few new suits going up and down. Not sure about John's arms in this shot. I saw Stephanie when I arrived and asked her about sea swimming, it's a couple of degrees colder in the sea than the lido.

Elizabeth chasing someone's legs and a lone suit standing in the background. There's some very fancy bikes and new looking wetsuits around. I did a twenty two length swim today and the water was about 12.5ºC.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Summer season

The summer gate is open again, the public are welcomed back to lido. We can now swim the entire pool, there are two lanes on the track side for triathletes but none were here at 8am this morning.

Empty lanes stretching the length of the lido. I swam down the trackside just out side the lanes. For most of the swim Vince was the only other person in the water.

The hoover was out again cutting a swathe through the debris on the bottom of the pool.

Here comes Elizabeth!A really good roll in this picture, her profile as narrow as can be with a good stretch.

Nando keeps pace for the length, nice surface reflections on a rather cold grey morning.

A slightly asymmetric tumble turn before she makes her way back down the pool.

Nando stopped for a rest so I sped back past Elizabeth to catch her at the shallow end.

Suspended mid tumble. Elizabeth later told me she was afraid she was going to put her foot in the water outlet.

 After she sped off again Nando came back in to finish his length. The water was 12ºC and I did eighteen lengths.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pip stop

I love this picture of Pip swimming along without goggles. She stopped and asked me how I manage to sit on the bottom of the pool when taking pictures, I have lead feet I told her. Water was still 12ºC today and the sky overcast.

Another swimmer not pictured for a while is Vince, he looks as if he's quite deep in the water here. It was eighteen lengths again for me today.

Fred is working toward the Dart 10K in September. It sounds like a wonderful swim.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Reel around the fountain

Beautiful blue skies, the lido looked most inviting although the water is only 12ºC after the clear night. You an just see Pip and Elizabeth having a gossip by the changing cubicles.

Carl and Carl were already swimming when I got in. I grabbed my camera on length seven to get a picture of them, somehow I knew they'd be getting out soon. Carl later took a picture of me which I'm sure he'll post here later.

I do like this picture of Elizabeth, although I didn't catch her tumble turn today. Despite the 0.5ºC drop in water temperature it was much warmer out of the pool and eighteen lengths were no problem.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Back in the water

After a couple of days in the French sunshine it was a dissapointingly wet return to the lido. A cold morning but the water has gone up to about 12.5ºC, distinctly warmer than the air.

Carl and Kate had arrived just before me and Elizabeth just after. Not many other people around though. Did carl see me?

'I missed the wall' Elizabeth was near the end of her swim and cold by this point but wanted to do a second tumble turn for me.

Quite a funny image I think. It was getting cold in the water at this point.

Carl sees me this time, I'm not sure how far he went on to swim, Perhaps he'll blog it here later.

Kate comes swimming toward me. I wait underwater for a second shot, with most people they would be out of the frame before the camera is ready.

Kate's steady progress allows me to get that second picture just before my lungs burst. I swam eighteen lengths today and was rather cold afterwards, I do hope the weather picks up a bit shortly.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mile high

A warm grey morning. The lifeguards are busy tidying up the lido, this involves sweeping the debris from the bottom of the pool which has made the water cloudy. Fred swam a mile this morning.

The water was mostly empty again, the sun breaking through occasionally. The temperature in the pool is up to 11ºC with the promissed sun this week end I hope it goes up a bit more.

From the left: Chris, Sue, Carl and Ian in a wet suit. The fantastic four straffing the pool in a synchronised wave.

Carl had already done a mile earlier and was on his second swim. I fell in with them after taking this picture and finished my eighteen length swim. For the first time since the sauna closed my feet were warm by the time I got to work.