Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Another super sunny morning, the water about 19ÂșC. When I arrived at 8am the water was frothing with wetsuits swimming every which way and it was difficult to find a spot to swim. I'm afraid we've been discovered now and it'll be like this for the summer. Thankfully most of the manic swimmers have departed for the office by 8.30am and the water settles down. Batch got bashful but Pip smiled for the camera.

I took a few snaps after my swim, as you can see it was warm enough just to relax and chat at the side of the pool. It's already difficult to remember how cold it was only a week ago. Margy has just arrived and catches up with Tricky and Sue before her swim.

The two Carls discussing strategy no doubt. I did another thirty six length swim in just under an hour. I'm sure I'll be down on last years May total but it's good to be getting back to longer swims,. After about a mile I feel my stroke becomes much more relaxed and efficient, I wish that happened sooner!

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