Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hot stuff

The weather has at last taken a decided turn for the better and accordingly the lido was the fullest I've seen for 8.15am. David took the all important water temperature, just about 14ÂșC.

The sun was obscured by high clouds but the air so warm it didn't matter. a fair few new suits were in the water once again.

David probably felt like he was in Cannes with both Johnathan and I snapping away while he took the temperature.

You could really feel the difference in the water. Tricky was cruising up and down, his position in the water is really good. Not sure who he was swimming with?

Johnathan was doing his best to keep up with Pip, a bit of a harder swim than he's used to I think.

It looks like Tricky has three arms, no wonder he swims so well. I did twenty two lengths and could happily have done more if I had time. Wasn't cold at all when I got out for the first time this year, didn't need thermals for cycling to work!

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