Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Back in the water

After a couple of days in the French sunshine it was a dissapointingly wet return to the lido. A cold morning but the water has gone up to about 12.5ÂșC, distinctly warmer than the air.

Carl and Kate had arrived just before me and Elizabeth just after. Not many other people around though. Did carl see me?

'I missed the wall' Elizabeth was near the end of her swim and cold by this point but wanted to do a second tumble turn for me.

Quite a funny image I think. It was getting cold in the water at this point.

Carl sees me this time, I'm not sure how far he went on to swim, Perhaps he'll blog it here later.

Kate comes swimming toward me. I wait underwater for a second shot, with most people they would be out of the frame before the camera is ready.

Kate's steady progress allows me to get that second picture just before my lungs burst. I swam eighteen lengths today and was rather cold afterwards, I do hope the weather picks up a bit shortly.

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  1. kate's style is great! lovely shot of her! as for my hanging tumble turn ..:) I was so cold on my last lengths when you took the shot and too far away from the wall .. it felt rather pathetic . :).. fun shot though, thanx Alex!