Thursday, 31 May 2012

Catching Alfonso

I was just getting in the pool when I saw Alfonso. 'You're early' he said, he had hoped to get in a couple of lengths before I arrived. As it was he joined me after my first two but by mid length I was already ahead. I lagged for a bit but then wanted to get on if I was to complete my two mile swim in time. Although there was high cloud it was warm with the sun trying to break through, the water has stayed just under 20ºC.

Alfonso swam the 10K at Eton last week end in 2.54:31, no wonder he seemed a little tired. My goal was to try and catch him up over the two miles, I got a little closer with each length but didn't quite make it. I was perhaps 10 yards short after thirty four lengths. What it did mean though was the 3600 yard swim was done in just under 55 minutes. Phew!

Being the end of the month here are my stats:
Number of swims: 21
Temperature: between 9.5ºC and 19.5ºC
Number of lengths: 476
Distance: about 27 miles or 43 Km

May started off so cold, I'm well down on last years near 40 miles. Thankfully the temperature shot up for the end of the month (warmer than last year) and I got a few two milers in. The lido opened to the public a bit earlier this year, I'm not supposed to take pictures during the summer season so posts might be a bit more sporadic from now on.

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