Monday, 28 May 2012

Manic Monday

Okay it doesn't look that manic but with about about thirty odd swimmers in the pool it seemed quite crowded to me.At almost 19ÂșC the water has risen seven degrees in seven days which is amazing. I didn't make it up over the week-end, in fact I chose not to. From what I was told this morning it was just as well, the hot weather saw the place packed out with queues stretching back into the carpark. The upshot being the Monday morning water is rather cloudy probably with all the suncream washed into it.

So no sub-aqautic images but here's the view from the changing room. Also with water this warm there wasn't much time for chat. I did thirty six lengths, just over two miles in just under an hour. I've also joined a team for the mid summer relay, I'll be swimming with Sue, Nick and Pip.

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