Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A nasty surprise

I was sure it wasn't a leaf, a closer look confirmed it. A bird skull, no sign of the body, no idea how it got there?

Perhaps that explains why the water was so empty. The dot on the right is Paddy who later scooped the remains out of the water for us on his hand paddle.

Hilary was also in the water, I don't usually get to photograph her. I think she does her best to keep away from me and the camera! Further back there's a guy in a wet suit doing a swimtrek training course.

Hilary is really quick, she has a good long reach and barely a bubble is made as she glides through the water. The morning was grey and flat, but not too cold. I think the water must still be around 11ÂșC.

I saw Chris slowly making his way up the pool and Sue set off afterwards to catch him up. 'We were going to wait until you got out of the water' Chris said but I snapped them anyway.

A lonesome Batch, his swimming has improved I think but he still wants to go faster! I did eighteen lengths again today.

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  1. Ewww! I thought the swollen worm I saw lolling on the bottom of the pool the other day was slightly gruesome. I'm glad I can't see the bottom when I swim in rivers!