Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Whole pool

Great to have a whole pool again, especially when there are so few in the water. A sunny thirty six lengths puctuated with a near crash into Chris on length thirty three. It's half term so quite a few people were later swimming than usual.

As it's the end of the month I must do the May statistics:
In May 2011 the water temperature ranged from 13ºC to 17ºC
I swam a total of 706 lengths
Which is 70600 yards, about 39.5 miles or 64 Km
I did 23 seperate swims
Longest single swim 36 lengths, shortest 22 lengths
Scores on the doors: nine blue, six red, five green and three yellow.

I also swam 2km at Brockwell lido so over 40 miles in a month! And more puzzlingly yellow went from favourite to least use door colour, what does it all mean?

Monday, 30 May 2011

Summer season

It's officially summer now because the lido is open to the public again. A bank holiday Monday at 11 saw a few familiar faces but also lots of other swimmers making the most of the morning sun. It's great to have the whole pool open again even if the atmosphere seems a little different. I can't take any new pictures now that it isn't club members only. I hope to do some other swims over the summer so do check in still. A great thirty six length swim through warm but busy waters. The shark stereotype was confirmed by the wetsuited young man using hand paddles who managed to hit me as he weaved his way up and down the pool. No damage was done, I just wish he swam consistently and in a straight line which would have made it more fun to try and chase him.

Friday, 27 May 2011

HMS Lido

The fair weather swimmers have gone, on the cusp of the summer season the pool was the quietest I've seen in weeks. Yesterday's heavy rain and this morning's drizzle had bought the water temperature down by a half degree to 16.5ºC but it felt soft and was warmer than the air still. Swam twenty two lengths while a lifeguard scribbed the mid pool from HMS Lido. A scratchy blue rope was strung across the water to keep the boat in place and Brian raised the rope so we could swim under it, although I still got caught a couple of times.
From tomorrow the lido is open to the public, not sure there'll be a big rush given the forecast but it should mean we'll get the entire pool to swim in again.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Quicker Nick

I arrived the same time this morning as super fast Nick from the other week. I had really enjoyed our 2km race but didn't feel up to it today, luckily he felt the same. Nick got in the water about a length behind me and 15 yards to my left, of course I kept an eye on him. When we weren't racing we seemed to keep a pretty even pace, we'll have to try swimming together without it being a competition. After twenty two I was ready to get out. Pip and Alfonso were at the end of the pool.
'how many more?' Alfonso asked and I told him I'd finished and suggested he race Nick.
'He's faster than me' I said.
'That can't be true!' Pip joked.
When Nick returned I followed him doing two more lengths, although I came in first I don't think he really wanted to race. Then Alfonso took up the challenge and went after him, funny to watch them swim together such different styles, Alfonso barely looks like he's trying but I know he was going as fast as he could. By contrast Nick looks as if he puts much more effort in, his stroke is good and as you can see he's flat on the water but the constant leg kick is amazing especially over such longer distances. Next time I see Nick I'll try and film him.
Twenty four lengths at 17ºC

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Quick Nick

The wind dropped and not a cloud in the sky, another beautiful morning at the lido. Bit later today and only did a twenty two length swim. Chris, Nick and Sue swimming together so I took a picture. 'It's that pervert again' was Chris' reaction, you'd think being an actor he'd enjoy having his picture taken. I popped back up and said good morning to them and challenged them to a race back to the shallow end. We kept pace for the first 25 yards then I decided to put my foot down and swim away, I was surprised that by about 60 yards Nick was right by my ankles having left the others behind, I had to put in an extra spurt to keep ahead of him until the end. He's got a fine turn of speed when he wants it. Sue was glad he's worn himself out so that the rest of their swim could be at an easier pace. Nick said his arms were sore when he got out.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nice and easy

The wind has dropped it feels a little warmer but the water is still 17ºC. Not too many in the water at 8, perhaps a half dozen. Margy was asking about yesterday picture, Tricky wanted a copy and after downloading it I left my camera at home so nothing new today. We discussed the bits in the water, Margy has been eating them! unlike the autumn leaves these spring twigs are much spikier. I had done an easy sixteen before Alfonso arrived and then upped the pace slightly and went on to do thirty six in total. It's really nice to swim with someone whose pace matches so well, the length flew by. Alfonso carried on after I left.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Flotsam and jetsam

I'm not refering to Margy and Tricky in the title but rather the large ammount of stuff blown into the water over the past couple of days. The autumn leaves are fun to swim through if a little scratchy but at this time of year we have a mixture of seed and leaf casings as well as small branches and a few old leaves in the water. At the deep end it was like a Minestrone, bits kept getting stuck between my fingers and on my goggles, I even found some in my trunks after I got out. The pool had been nearly empty when I arrived at 8, Margy and Tricky started swimming just after me. By 8.30 we were near the twenty person limit in the water and it felt quite crowded. Despite the wind it wasn't cold and I did a thirty six length swim in about fifty five minutes with the water still around 17ºC. Margy and Tricky were still swimming as I left for work.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday stroll

Quite late to the lido on Sunday, the races had all finished and people were drifting away leaving mainly those in wetsuits in the water. A cool gusty wind had blown lots of bits into the water, between light showers the sun came out and felt quite warm. Set off on a gentle thirty six length swim, it's not really until after at least the first kilometre that I feel as though I've got into rhythm. Got this picture of Johnathan when the sun was out, the water is beautifully clear again. Didn't take a temperature reading but I'm sure it's still around 17ºC.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Blue tits

Nothing to do with the water it's a lovely 17ºC. As I walked past the mid point lifeguard chair this morning I was buzzed by a blue tit which flew to one of the holes in the wall. It's a nest, you can hear the chicks and as the parents bring back more food see them craning their necks out for first pickings. I tried to catch the parents going in but they didn't like me sitting too close, as soon as I turned my back they would swoop down with more insects. Also met the super fast swimmer this morning. His name is Nick, he had just got out and was glad he didn't have to race me today,  I felt the same as I was a little tired. We both have the same competative streak when we see someone going fast. Only twenty two lengths today, Sue said I'd had a short swim but I think 2km is fair distance. I went at a leisurely pace, passing Johnathan he decided he would try and keep up with me. The first I knew of this was a splashing around my ankles, my instinct was to simply put in a few full strokes and pull away. Afterward Johnathan told me he had seen the point when I noticed him and pulled away, he was really pissed off because he was already going full speed.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Slightly damp and humid, not enough rain for my garden. Cloudy with flashes of sun not too busy at the pool. Swam solo for twenty two lengths watching Margy and Tricky in training and then later Sue and Nick waiting for me to do a power length. David took the temperature, 61ºF or 16ºC.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I like the angle of this picture but really I wanted to get a shot when Alfonso was still swimming, he was too fast and had reached the end of the pool before I was ready. In the water nice and early had done a mile before Alfonso arrived, sunnier morning and more people in the water. Alfonso was having goggle trouble, he was wearing a mask today and kept filling with water so he couldn't see. It was a bit of an obstacle course what with the mix of swimmers, and the hoover and hose. Alfonso crashed head on with a a wetsuiter, they both tried to avoid by swimming the same way. They both took it quite well and carried on swimming and guess the blame is fifty fifty really but I would have been a bit annoyed had it been me. I did thirty six in all with the water at about 17ºC.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Big wave

Yesterday I swam at Brockwell for a change, just a couple of kilometres. The pool there there has been divided into five lanes two of which were closed, the water was quite cloudy which was a bit disappointing. Good to back on home water, the lido wasn't as full as on those sunny mornings last week which was nice. Got this picture of Elizabeth swimming with fins, she really powers up and down in them but I think it takes a lot of effort to use them. I want to try and get a better shot so I waited for her on the next length poised with my camera.

Elizabeth got snagged by the monster, then seeing me waiting stopped to wave before swimming off. The water was 17ºC and I swam thirty six lengths.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Carl, Simon & Carl

A Saturday morning swim, the pool was crowded at about 10.30. The sunny morning was clouding over but it was still warm. Saw Carl Reynolds just as he was finishing a kilometre keeping up with Mandy the SLSC captain who's a very quick swimmer. he was them waiting for Carl Richards to show up. Carl's friend Simon had just arrived, I'd seen him swimming before, he's also very quick. Simon and I swam twelve speedy lengths before he stopped because Carl Richards had arrived.  They're both in training so know each others pace well. I carried on to do thirty six lengths in all, when I caught up with them I stopped to take a picture. Didn't take the temperature but guess it's still around 16ºC. Getting changed after my swim a small boy came rushing into my cubicle looking for a ball that had rolled under the partition, didn't quite expose me to the whole crowd but I must remember to lock the door!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Speedy mile

Blogger has had a problem today, I've only just managed to log in after 6pm and yesterday's post has gone missing. A bit sleepd this morning after a night out so resolved to only do twenty two lengths. The speedy chap from yesterday was in the pool and I couldn't help myself but follow him, we swam a speedy mile before he got out, I still haven't got his name. I swam four more and took a little bit of video of Margy and Tricky but they were a bit too close to me. Saw Elizabeth when I got out, we all admired her new hair cut.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Super fast

Another sunny day at the lido. I might have to start wearing the tri-suit at least until we can swim on the east side of the pool in the shade. The swimmer above set off a little after me (Nick?), I could tell he was going at a great pace, he has a really strong kick making lots of bubbles. I took this picture and then followed him. He had a really good tumble turn, any distance I made up in a length was lost as he pushed off from the wall.

There are a lot of fast swimmers at the lido but more often than not they rest or take a break after just a couple of lengths, not this guy. He just kept on going, we swam neck and neck for about twenty eight more lengths. It was exhausting!

Alfonso joined us for a bit but I think we were going to quickly for him, that gives some idea of the speed. The speedy swimmer stopped when I had done thirty two lengths, I went on to do four more so thirty six in total at 16ºC.


I tried a bit more video too. It's not very easy and Blogspot doesn't always let me up load the footage. By holding on to the end bar I was able to film Batch swimming toward me, only a few seconds worth. I guess a side view of a swimmer would be more useful.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Making movies

When I arrived at the pool this morning Batch asked if I could take video on my camera. I knew I could but I'd never done it. It was still cloudy at 8 this morning but by 8.15 the sun was out and I could feel it on my back, building up quite a tide mark tan already this year. A few swimmers but quieter than earlier this week, water still 16ºC. After thirty six lengths it was time to stop. Tricky and Margy were still swimming so I had my very first go at filming. Not the best results but it's a start, I floated to the surface before they swam by. I will have to have another go.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's not a race...

Another sunny morning and warmer too. At the lido before 8, the water was almost crowded but I found a quiet spot and set off. After sixteen lengths Alfonso joined me in the water we kept an easy pace, dodged the hose and swam around slower people. I saw Nick and Sue waiting to join us at the end of the length, we all set off together but I could resist kicking a bit a pulling foward, Nick did his best to keep up. I should remember it's not a race, Nick just wanted a few faster pace lengths. After a little rest he joined us again over two more lengths easily keeping up with our more sensible swimming. I stopped after thirty six and took this picture of Alfonso and Nick pushing off for two more, pity I didn't quite frame the pair of them.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Double jointed

A beautiful warm sunny morning. What better way to start the week than a thirty six length swim? When I arrived at the lido I was concerned to see the fire brigade were present and the winter entrance was closed. It seems some bins were set alight. Thankfully the pool was still open and we had the novelty of going through the summer gate for the first time this year. A lot of swimmers around but I got a good spot and swam, Sue joined me for quite a bit of the way. I love the reflection on the surface like her other arm is coming back over, are you double jointed Sue? Nick got in towards the end of my swim and was gaining on me a bit before I got out but I'm happy to race him tomorrow if he thinks he can beat me! David had taken the temperature and made it 15.5ºC, I thought it felt a little warmer.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday best

The wind and rain has taken away the humidity but the sun was still strong when it peeped out from between the scudding clouds. I spoke to Carl who had hurt his shoulder and Ivan who got cold with all those lengths the other day and was going to drop his distance. The whole pool was in use when I started which was good so I swam on the east side. The water seemed a little warmer but I didn't verify the 15ºC given on the board. I saw Carl Richards arrive and the two Carls swimming some lengths, I was going to join them but they got out before I made the move. After twenty eight lengths they were downsizing the swimming area so I had to move back over to the west, I went on to do thirty six in total.

Friday, 6 May 2011


The water felt colder today partly because the wind has dropped and the air was becoming humid although it wasn't yet sunny when I went swimming this morning. The water was quite full. Ivan complete with socks and a pullbouy was swimming many lengths, I've not seen him in a while. There were lots of people to mark progress gainst and a wetsuiter going at a great pace until he stopped.

Sue and Nick had waited for me to turn before they set off so I could feel a race coming on but after a few kicks I was too far in front of them. When I reached the shallow end I turned round and took a picture. Twenty two was enough today and David told me the water was only 56ºF about 13ºC.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Okay, two more...

Another bright sunny cold morning, I could see my breath as I cycled up to the lido but  the sun was warm on my back. Tricky and Margy were swimming up and down beautifully when I arrived, by the time I was getting into the water they had just turned at the far end of the pool. I wasn't sure how long they would be in the water but I wanted to try and catch up with them so set off at speed, they may have had a little break because I caught them in four lengths and took this picture. I carried on, my next goal was a chap in a wetsuit. We were quite evenly matched in pace so I really had to pull on the water to make up the distance. The wind had at least dropped a bit today but the air was still colder than the water despite the sun in the almost clear blue sky. I decided I would go on to thirty lengths today because I had the time. On length twenty seven Nick joined me at great speed, I was getting tired but kept pace with him over two lengths, In my mind I thought I'd wait until length thirty to pass him but after the two lengths he stopped. I went on to do twenty nine and coming back on thirty I could see Nick was still in the water. 'Don't stop now' he said when I reached the end of my length. So we set off down the pool, Nick edged ahead of me for a bit, he was really going for it. I tumble turned and making my way back we were still neck and neck, so I decided to start kicking. I don't usually kick much it's exhausting, but the extra leverage pulls you up in the water and you go quicker, I was too body lengths ahead of him by the end of the length. Poor Nick looked more exhausted than me. Sue, Chris and Pip had all been watching and cheering him on. It was a good swim, Nick had teriffic pace and I couldn't have kicked for much further. Thirty two lengths at about 15ºC.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

No sauna, mixed showers

Cold clear sunny and dry. Funny old weather we're having. Not really that cold, just a nagging east wind. The pool temperature has held pretty well I think although I didn't measure it I guess it's about 15ºC or a little less. Perhaps the protection from the wind makes it feel warmer? A relief to get out of the wind.  A fair few swimmers but no Alfonso when I set off, ten lengths later and I saw him on my tumble turn. He raced to catch up with me which meant we went faster and faster. Exhausting swim, I went on to do twenty eight lengths. There were several groups going up and down the pool, Margy was swimming with Tricky and Sue, Chris and Nick started swimming just in front of Alfonso and I giving us even more reason to race to pass them. I should have done more but thought Alfonso might stop after the mile especially as there's no more sauna. In fact he went on to make it twenty while I went to the showers only to find Elizabeth in there. Some work is being done in the Ladies so it's mixed showers for the moment. Put on a jumper and cycled to work.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dive into May

An early Sunday swim because I'm making dinner for friends and need to be home in time to prepare. So early that I had done twelve lengths before the race which takes place at 9.30. I stopped to let them race two widths, I enjoy the races when they're a bit longer at least four lengths is about right so I didn't take part. The racers line the edge of the pool in handicap order and set off at their allotted time, some from in the water and others diving. The idea is that one day everybody will finish at exactly the same time! I waved to Carl and saw Elizabeth and Alfonso but didn't have time to chat. After they had finished racing I went on to do another ten lengths making it twenty two in all. With all the Sunday swimmers it was quite crowded in the pool. The water was 15ºC still I think but felt better than a couple of days ago, it was nice to have the sun on me but the east wind was cold. No sauna and then I made my way home.