Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dive into May

An early Sunday swim because I'm making dinner for friends and need to be home in time to prepare. So early that I had done twelve lengths before the race which takes place at 9.30. I stopped to let them race two widths, I enjoy the races when they're a bit longer at least four lengths is about right so I didn't take part. The racers line the edge of the pool in handicap order and set off at their allotted time, some from in the water and others diving. The idea is that one day everybody will finish at exactly the same time! I waved to Carl and saw Elizabeth and Alfonso but didn't have time to chat. After they had finished racing I went on to do another ten lengths making it twenty two in all. With all the Sunday swimmers it was quite crowded in the pool. The water was 15ÂșC still I think but felt better than a couple of days ago, it was nice to have the sun on me but the east wind was cold. No sauna and then I made my way home.

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