Saturday, 14 May 2011

Carl, Simon & Carl

A Saturday morning swim, the pool was crowded at about 10.30. The sunny morning was clouding over but it was still warm. Saw Carl Reynolds just as he was finishing a kilometre keeping up with Mandy the SLSC captain who's a very quick swimmer. he was them waiting for Carl Richards to show up. Carl's friend Simon had just arrived, I'd seen him swimming before, he's also very quick. Simon and I swam twelve speedy lengths before he stopped because Carl Richards had arrived.  They're both in training so know each others pace well. I carried on to do thirty six lengths in all, when I caught up with them I stopped to take a picture. Didn't take the temperature but guess it's still around 16ÂșC. Getting changed after my swim a small boy came rushing into my cubicle looking for a ball that had rolled under the partition, didn't quite expose me to the whole crowd but I must remember to lock the door!

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