Thursday, 31 October 2013


It was a dark and stormy morning, I was swimming with Richard and Alfonso when the headless swimmer of Tooting Bec Lido appeared out of nowhere going at a supernatural speed through the water. I managed to get this one picture, a bit blurry (aren't they always). I think we'll have to call Scooby Doo to solve this mystery.

We did a very quick twelve length swim, the water didn't feel any colder, still around 10.5°C I think. The air was milder but I could have done without the rain.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

No twerking

Another sunny morning, the air was cold after a clear night. Richard joined me for a twelve length swim.

Nando does his Miley Cyrus impression, or does he always swim with his tounge out? - no twerking thank-you.

Angus gives us a wave as his passes me by.

The focus here is on the leaf but that's Richard in the sunlight behind. He lost an ear plug at some point, it's small and blue, if anyone finds it...

Still a few leaves in the shallow end. David said the temperature was 11°C yesterday but agreed it felt colder today. 10.5°C was our guess but I didn't stay to confirm it.

Angus comes back, you can just see the changing cubicles reflected on the surface at the top.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


It's great that the morning's are lighter now. Alfonso and Nando were clearing the leaves. Michael above swimming through the sunlight.

Alfonso swam with me and later Nando joined Tricky in the water. The thick layer of leaves have all been taken out.

Elizabeth dived in for me, this was the second attempt, on the first one I pressed the shutter too soon.

It was a cold morning despite the sun, I didn't get to ask David for today's temperature.

Sue was busy trying to create an animation which involved jumping into the water a lot.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Stormy Monday

The sky reflected on a glassy pool, the surface scattered with leaves blown in overnight.

Karen was doing her best to clear up.

In the shallow end the leaves had been blown into a dense carpet on the water surface.

Fred was the only other person in the water to begin with, the sun beginning to break through.

A lot of the leaves are still quite green and scratchy but it's fun to swim through them.

Not sure of this chaps name but he joined us in the water. I did a twelve length swim and took pictures, I think the water is still about 12°C.

Sue R took the time to fish out a few more handfuls of leaves.

Elizabeth used the net.

Sue R swimming through the leaves and light.

Friday, 25 October 2013

They're here...

It's getting too dark to take good pictures in the morning, I'm glad the clocks change this week end. Swimming up the pool toward me were Mr Ape, Sue R and Nando.

A bit closer. I was sitting on the bottom of the pool, could I get another shot before I needed to take a breath?

Nando in almost the same position as the last frame, just a little bit closer.

The geese didn't much like having their picture taken from the water and so turned their tails on me.

Mr Ape making his way back to the shallow end. I swam another twelve lengths at around 12°C. The air was much warmer today than yesterday.

Sue R was trying to sink, just breathe out I told her.

It wasn't working, I can lie on the bottom of the pool in the shallow end.

Perhaps it's an advantage to be able to float?

I tried to get a final picture of Pip but missed, it's suitably arty though.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


A clear cool night, the wind had dropped but the sun doesn't hit the water until after I've swam at this time of year. Fourteen lengths today, I raced a couple with Mr Ape, I guess the water is still around 12°C.

The geese look quite cool as they swoop in low over the water. It's not so cool when the crap around the side of the pool though.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

12°C in the water

I was a little late this morning, waiting to see if the rain clouds would disperse and then battling a head wind on the cycle up to the pool.

Richard had just started swimming when I got in, he joined me for twelve lengths. He wanted to spend an hour swimming this morning. Although the water is a little warmer I have neither the time nor endurance to match him.

Nando almost swam out of the frame, I think that's Hilary in the background. Nando is thinking about getting a waterproof case for his iPhone.

Mr Ape was also taking pictures this morning, he took some good ones of me. Perhaps he'll post some in his musings.

David was counting his stroke as I took this picture. The water is around 12°C which is warm for the time of year.

Pip looks warily toward me as she swims past.

Mr Ape and Nando finish their swim through the leaves.

And Richard carries on for at least another 30 minutes. By 9 it's time for me to go to work, our resident geese swoop in low over the water setting up for a day at the Lido.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Not quite a heatwave, more a mildwave. Still the water was noticeably warmer this morning despite the drizzle. Vince does his last lengths without his wetsuit.

I'd hoped to catch him swimming with Fred but by the time they reached me they had split apart. I only did twelve today but should have done a couple more really.

A tiny Ape at the top of the frame, who's that following him?

Sue R and Nando of course.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Run, roll, reach

Nick and Jonathan will do anything to avoid getting in the water. As well as the yoga they're now running around the pool to warm up.

Can you tell who it is? He swam a mile over the week end. I did a twelve length swim this morning, the air was mild and the water didn't feel any colder.

Reaching for the bar, Sue R had been practicing her head up breaststroke in time for the Polish ice swimming championships. See here for more details.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Go Ape

A busy Friday morning. I joined Richard who was already in the water and set off to catch up Mr Ape who was swimming with Carl.

Tricky then joined Carl in the water, Mr Ape having already got ahead. I did twelve lengths. David was back and tells me the water is about 10°C.

Our Club Captain Giles eventually got in the water, I snapped this just before he tucked into a tumble turn.