Friday, 25 October 2013

They're here...

It's getting too dark to take good pictures in the morning, I'm glad the clocks change this week end. Swimming up the pool toward me were Mr Ape, Sue R and Nando.

A bit closer. I was sitting on the bottom of the pool, could I get another shot before I needed to take a breath?

Nando in almost the same position as the last frame, just a little bit closer.

The geese didn't much like having their picture taken from the water and so turned their tails on me.

Mr Ape making his way back to the shallow end. I swam another twelve lengths at around 12°C. The air was much warmer today than yesterday.

Sue R was trying to sink, just breathe out I told her.

It wasn't working, I can lie on the bottom of the pool in the shallow end.

Perhaps it's an advantage to be able to float?

I tried to get a final picture of Pip but missed, it's suitably arty though.

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