Saturday, 27 August 2011

The bait

A cool wet week but I swam everyday, twelve kilometres in total (138 lengths).  The water temperature is 17ÂșC and feels just that bit nippy around the toes after a thirty six length swim. The pool itself has been quite empty, a mixture of the rain and people being on holiday. On friday I was swimming along at a gentle pace when I saw Nick, Chris and Vince set off about fifteen yards before I turned. I'm sure Nick had calculated this, he knew I wouldn't be able to resist the bait.
I picked up my pace as I came back down the pool closing in on the small group. By about halfway I was neck and neck with Chris and Vince but Nick was a little way ahead. I had already swam a mile and was tired but put in the effort to catch up with him, He was going very fast and I really had to kick to get close to him. We reached the far end and touched almost simultaneously.
Nick couldn't stop crowing about how he had 'beaten' me. He also claimed that earlier on he had swam a length in the opposite direction to me and finished it before I had completed mine. Nick does have a very fast sprint but I'm happy to race him anytime he likes as long as we start in the same place at the same time, then we'll see who's fastest!