Tuesday, 17 December 2013


These winter morning's are a bit too dark but at least it wasn't raining. A bit nippier today but I still did a six length swim, David tells me the water is about 6°C.

I caught Chris and Sue reaching the shallow end (top) and then again when the set off on their next length. The water is clear but I wish there was a bit more light.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Back in the water

Ear ache, exhaustion, parties, fog, frost and rain. Lots of reasons why I haven't been swimming for the past week or so. It was rather a dull wet morning to get back in but to my surprise it had warmed up!

Of course it was still cold and I don't have the official temperature from David yet but I swam six lengths without trouble. Elizabeth (top) on her last leap before Christmas and Ian (below) wearing his snazzy new hat and walking on water. It was too dark to get good pictures.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


'I'll jump over James' said Elizabeth. He didn't have much choice in the matter and off she leapt. I don't think he minded or was splashed too much.

Too cold for underwater pictures so I made this panorama instead, it makes the pool seem an odd shape. Click on it to see it bigger. A dark morning but not really any colder than yesterday, another six lengths swim for me.

Monday, 2 December 2013


Already we have one decorated cubicle, Christmas is coming! Not sure if the geese are getting fat? December is a hard month for swimming, too cold, too tired and too many parties. Expect me to miss quite a few days.

Vince already in the water, I took a snap and then hurried in to catch him up. Six length today, I think the water is above 4°C again.

Elizabeth only wanted to do one width post sauna so I took this picture from the track side, hands just going in.

Kate swimming. Mr Ape took some pictures of Vince and me when he arrived, I wonder if he'll post them here? He then went on to do a massive 1km swim.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Mild and slightly misty but the water is still cold. Here's Chris at the end of his swim, looks like he enjoyed it!

A yellow leaf hiding. I was a little late today and worried about how much sauna time I would have so decided on four lengths. Richard joined me and we raced up and down and both felt we could have done a couple more, perhaps tomorrow?

Not sure how many length Giles managed? Cutting my distance I warmed up much more quickly.

We have fire exits in an open air swimming pool.

The hoover was doing it's thing.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Flip flop

The air seemed colder but I think the water was little changed from yesterday, still very cold. James Penrose was swimming when I arrived and only got out just before I finished my six lengths.

The sun was beautiful and golden, I wish it felt as warm as it looked. Sauna talk was of 'Swimderella' the lido pantomime. I declined the invitation to audition.

My sauna time is getting longer and my swimming time less, I would have done five length today if I could have found a flip flop carrier. The winter swims are hard and it's not yet December.

Monday, 25 November 2013


The clouds rolled back as the sun came up. No frost but it was cold. I did a six length sprint, my arms becoming numb, then rushed to the sauna.

The sauna was a popular place this morning, chilly swimmers soon filled it up. Kate runs first to get warm before taking a dip. I think the water has dropped below 4°C now.

Sangeeta nearly does a backflip as she dives into the water. I think I'll have to cut down my distance, five lengths might be better when it's this cold.

Friday, 22 November 2013


Another dark morning, windy and chilly. The perfect time for a swim. It felt cold, much colder than Wednesday.

The gutters are full of leaves despite constant clearing by the lifeguards. Six lengths was enough today and then I went to the sauna.

 Elizabeth does a post sauna leap back into the water. She looks like she's enjoying it.

 David confirms it's only 4°C. The temperature has fallen so quickly in the past couple of weeks.

 Karen enjoys a warm drink, or was it soup? It must be difficult staying warm when being outside all day.

The deep end was the gathering place of the leaves, that means the wind is coming from the north.

A gathering by the deep end steps.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Cold, damp and a little late. Richard was waiting for me when I reached the lido. We decided eight would be enough today. The water felt colder, perhaps under 6°C now.

Pip and the goose perched on the side of the pool.The pool was quite empty today but the sauna was busy!

Focus first, Elizabeth told me so I did, she then ran and dived. She jumped so high I had to swivel the camera, blurring the shot and only catching her half way into the water.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


It's still dark over the water when I reach the lido despite the clear cold sunny morning.

The new goose seems to have settled in, you have to be careful where you step on the pool side.

Eventually the sun hits the water during my swim bringing the place to life. I do a ten length swim, the cold air freezing my fingers. The water temperature is about 6°C.

By the time I'm leaving the place is lit up.

Monday, 18 November 2013


 It's what he would have wanted. This stunning memorial to Musa has been set up by Sue B. No expense was spared, the plinth is real cardboard. A cult to Musa will meet every morning at 8.30 and swim in his memory.

A bit of a damp misty day, mild air but I think the water temperature has dropped a bit since Thursday.

Some goggles and a hat perhaps left over from the Serps Gala over the week end

Vince drifted past me before I got in, I joined him in the water and did ten lengths catching him up.

The water feels heavy and cold, biting at the fingers and feet. It looks like it will get colder still this week.

Thursday, 14 November 2013


The sun was shining and the sky was clear. By 8.30 the light was spilling across the water but it was cold. I set off on a twelve length swim and was joined by Richard. It's beginning to bite, I know my limits quite well.

David made it just under 7°C this morning, the weather is due to get colder next week. Will this be my last kilometre of the season? I bounce back pretty quickly in the sauna but I'm not here to push it.

It's never too cold for Elizabeth to do a post sauna dive.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I often meditate when swimming, the physical activity helps clear my mind. On a bright frosty morning like today the beauty of the surroundings really helps.

The Rev. Peter was also swimming. Meanwhile, Sue R was trying to walk on water again. She's actually making a Christmas card, it involved a lot of jumping into the water.

I only got the one picture of Elizabeth before she got out, The deep water was still a bit dark. I think the water is around 7°C now.

The sunlight and reflections were glorious, I went on to do twelve lengths.

The Rev. Peter dived down to see me, I rather like this shot.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


It was another dark damp morning, perhaps a little milder than yesterday. Vince in his wetsuit.

A selfie at the deep end! The water is still around 7.5°C and I did twelve lengths.

Vince without his wetsuit. He thought the water was a little warmer today.

Michael did a few lengths but didn't go to the sauna afterwards.

Sue and Chris swim past, it looks as if Sue is giving Chris a clip around the ear.

Just when I thought the morning couldn't get any better I saw Kate and she told me she had baked a cake! A quick slice (perhaps the name for another blog?) of her delicious vanilla and chocolate marble cake and I rushed off to work.