Saturday, 30 April 2011

Last of April

A nice Saturday morning swim, at the lido quite early my body clock is all out of sync with these bank holiday weekends. Only a couple of people in the water swimming together quite fast so I waited for them and joined them on the way back, but soon left them behind. Then a chap in a green cap (above) got in who was even faster, one of the first pair who was speedier joined him and they set off, I marked my distance against them and slowly managed to pass them. Then I almost had a bit of a crash, when I had last looked they were a good five metres to my right but now one guy was right in front of me and I had to put out my hand to stop him. I guess neither of us had been looking, but they had drifted to the left as they swam down the pool. Bright and sunny with a cool east wind the water is still 15ºC but felt nicer than yesterday I did twenty two lengths with no sauna afterwards. Elizabeth and Pip were chatting when I got out, Elizabeth said she had been unwell and was wondering if it was the cloudy water that was responsible.

End of the month it's statistics time, not counting the kilometre I did at Brockwell Lido:
In April 2011 the water temperature ranged from 11ºC to 17ºC
I swam a total of 586 lengths
Which is 58600 yards, about 33 miles or 53Km
I did 24 seperate swims
Longest single swim 36 lengths, shortest 22 lengths
Scores on the doors: ten yellow, five green, five red and four blue

One less swim than March but almost twice the distance. I think it might be hard to beat this months total when the sauna goes off although twenty two without a sauna is much better than I managed last year.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal splash

I went to the pool a little later on this Royal Wedding bank holiday. Alfonso was already swimming with Tom, Margy told me I'd been jilted! I got in the water and took this picture with the intention of joining them, unfortunately their pace was too slow and I didn't want Giles who was speeding along to overtake me. Nick and Johnathan were busy brushing, providing both a human chicane and big clouds in the water so that I had to sight my direction so as not to crash into anyone. Giles left the water before he caught up with me so I didn't have to try and race him. The water was a little cooler again 15ºC, weather overcast with a cool breeze but not as strong as before.  I went on to do twenty two lengths then feeling slightly chilly and with plenty of time to spare I had a twenty minute sauna where I met Kate. It was nearing eleven o'clock when I left the lido and the sun was beginning to come out so I sat on the common and watched the ceremony on my phone before cycling home on the remarkably empty roads.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cold feet

It looks like the witches parking lot, various brooms and brushes casually left by the water in case you want to scrub. The water was very milky today so I expect a lot of scrubbing has been going on. Cloudy today and cool the wind even colder, I wish I'd worn gloves cycling up to the lido. In contrast the water felt much warmer, I spent six lengths day dreaming up and down the pool when I saw Alfonso. He joined me and we sped up a bit gliding past wetsuiters and head up breast strokers alike. I had quickly done twenty two lengths. No sauna again but I was cold by the time I got to work, especially my hands and feet.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hose pipe

The hose twisted on the water surface, an obstacle for all swimmers.Weak sunshine this morning and a chilly breeze but not too bad. The difference between air and water wasa little less today, perhaps the pool was cooler but not so much you'd notice.

I swam alone again, funny after last weeks racing with Alfonso but a lot more relaxing.

This chap (Ian?) was racing up and down. Sue, Chris and Nick are in the background.

The sun was lovely on the water reflecting the door, the trees are in full leaf now which makes great backdrop. Twenty two lengths at about 16ºC.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back to usual

Not sure who the green stripe shorts man is and he's not to easy to identify from this picture either but I had fun swimming against him this morning even though I doubt he realised it. The holidays are over and it was back to usual at the Lido this morning. A grey start to the day with a chilly breeze but the water felt better than ever, it must still be about 17ºC which was probably 5ºC warmer than the air.

The water is much clearer now although there is still some scrubbing to be done. Brian was scrubbing around the mid pool mark so that you suddenly reached a thick fog of debris. I had to be careful not to crash into Nick who was racing up and down with Sue and Chris.

David doing his bit to clean the pool. I swam thirty lengths this morning and skipped the sauna.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

The second beautiful bank holiday in a row, air not quite as warm as Friday but the water feels wonderful, still at about 17ºC. No shivering and no need for a sauna. Carl and Tricky were just finishing their first swim when I got in, the whole pool was in use today because there were four lifeguards. I swam on the eastern side of the pool for the first time this year, it's usually my favourite in the summer as it tends to be the reserve of speedier swimmers and keeps the shade longest. I did a thirty six length stint and could have done more if I wanted without getting cold. I spotted Carl back in the water for his second swim so I went across and got this picture, not sure who the man in the yellow cap is.

After I had showered and changed Carl Richards had joined them. I got this picture of him pushing off from the deep end. Carl really makes swimming look effortless.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


After the last couple of hot sunny days it was no surprise to find the water temperature had gone up. 17ºC or 64ºF were posted on the board, despite last nights storm. Swam a quick twenty two, No queueing to get in this morning but quite a few folk around for an Easter swim. Took this picture of Tricky and another swimmer (not sure who it is) who seemed a bit startled to see me. Although the water is much better it's still a bit murky. No need for a sauna, sat in the sun for a few minutes then cycled home.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Perfect day

It doesn't get much better than this. A sunny bank holiday made the lido a popular place this morning, I wonder how many non members came in to see if they could swim? The pool was limited to twenty swimmers at any one time so I had to wait a few minutes in the sunshine before I got in which wasn't too hard. Then I saw Carl getting out, he'd just done thirty six lengths so my challenge was set. I got in, the water was 15ºC but still quite cloudy even though the bottom is cleaner thanks to all those scrubbers. It seems quite crowded with twenty people in half the pool, a mixture of skin and wetsuited novices, racers and amblers and it took a little while to get into my rhythm. Thirty six was easier than I thought it would be, I'll have to up my morning distance if it stays this warm. I went into the sauna which was populated by little girls, the heater had actually gone off although it was still warmer than outside but I didn't stay for long. Around the pool was busy, Inez was enjoying the sun, I warned her not to swim too much and she said she'd heed my advice. Barbara complemented me on my stroke which was kind because it isn't that good. A shower then I took in the sun for a moment before going home.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Clean sweep

The big society in action. It's the done thing now to grab a broom and have a bit of a sweep after your swim, not sure who's brushing above but it's become a regular sight at the lido. The water is really horrible and visability is virtually nothing. Alfonso had already swum fourteen when I joined him this morning and we kept pace for twelve more lengths narrowly avoiding Gus when he appeared through the murk. I went on to do twenty two as usual, lots of wetsuits in the water so it was fun catching and passing them if possible. Temperature about 14ºC still.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Going solo

Although I was a little later this morning Alfonso was nowhere to be seen so I swam on my own for a change. The pool was quite busy, Tricky, Gus, Sue, Chris, Nick, Fernando and many others enjoying the sunshine. The temperature was up on yesterday, at least 14ºC but the water is still quite cloudy. Twenty two lengths gave me time for a five minute sauna and  a chat with Inez.

Just as I finished Alfonso arrived, I tried to get a picture of his tumble turn and failed.

I tried again at the deep end but he stopped swimming!

I like this shot of him pushing off and swimming under the hose.

The hose leads to the monster which still has a lot of cleaning up to do.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


What are they doing? A wonderful sunny morning, great for a swim. The pool is clearing up a bit but there's still a lot of silt on the bottom. Sue, Chris and Nick decided to help clear it up. Brian gave them brushes to help lift the detritus from the pool so it will get filtered out.

Here you can see them better. I swam with Alfonso yet again, it turns out his nickname used to be veinte dos which is funny because we did twenty two lengths. We went at a nice relaxed pace, it seems we bump into each other when Alfonso is on the left side of me, not sure whose fault that is.

Elizabeth was taking some pictures of us swimming so I returned the favour, despite the sunlight the water isn't that clear. I hope she puts some pictures up on her blog later. David hadn't taken the temperature when i spoke to him but both agreed it felt just a little warmer than yesterday, about 13.5ºC I think.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Aquatic stroll

Slightly achey, slightly chilly, sligthly late. My shoulders were feeling the after effects of strimming the grass around my allotment so it was a slightly slower swim with Alfonso today. The water was 13ºC which isn't too bad and the sun was shining through misty skies, if the forecast is correct I expect it to get much warmer this week. Twenty two lengths and a sauna. I didn't take any underwater pictures today but got this one of Claire (?) and Elizabeth with the faint reflection of the far side doors.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Close up

A sunny Sunday morning, I saw a palm Sunday procession on it's way to church as I cycled to the lido. The pool was busy with racers and well wishers for Aaron's last day and Sue who is moving. Not so many in the water, at 13ºC it had gone down a little overnight. Played around with the camera on timer mode, but the bottom of the pool was quite dirty so it made it look like I was swimming through soup. Swam twenty two lengths again and had a luke warm sauna chatting to Inez.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Shock and awe

The water is still rather murky, I gave Hilary a bit of a start taking this picture. 'You don't expect to see a body at the bottom of the pool' she told me later. A rare Saturday swim I got to the pool about 10ish, quite a few people around. David had taken the temperature, 13.5ºC, I swam twenty two lengths at this point it was still cloudy.

Batch was having a hangover swim, hoping the water would clear his head - too many tequilas to celebrate the final shows at college. A nice long sauna, no rush today and by the time I came out the clouds had gone and the sun seemed quite warm. Saw Carl Richards with his daughters in coordinated swimwear, he wasn't sure if they'd actually get in the pool.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Nice and easy

Friday, tired - the weather still grey but not as cool. Met up with Alfonso, decided to go a bit slower today. We swam in tandem but at an easier pace, twenty two lengths, water about 13ºC. A nice relaxed way to end an exhausting week of swims. Sorry no new pictures

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cloudy day

Cloudy again both in and out of the water. There's something wrong with one of the filters and the pool water is very cloudy in places, not so good for pictures. I was a little late and Alfonso was already in the water. When I started he was at the far end of the pool, I was slowly catching up but he stopped and waited at the end of my sixth length. We then swam together for another sixteen making twenty two in all. The water was13ºC but felt fine to me.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Murky waters

A grey day, cooler but the wind has dropped. I was a little later to the pool and Alfonso had done four lengths before I got in. Aaron was trying to clean the pool today, disturbing the silt and detritus on the bottom making thick clouds of debris float about in the water, visability was reduced. After a few fast lengths I kept pace with Alfonso, he has a tendancy to veer to the right so we eventually ended up past the middle of the pool in the side you're not supposed to swim in and we were told to move back over. The water seemed warm and the temperature was given as 15ºC but I didn't check with David, I went on to do twenty two lengths.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Speedy Alfonso

Another sunny day, but much cooler with a chill wind. I arrived just as Alfonso was ready to get in the water, 'Hurry up' he shouted. He did a couple of lengths while I got changed. I took this picture as he finished his second. At first his pace was rather slow, I left him yards behind racing a young guy in a wetsuit. After four lengths I waited and we set off together at a slower pace but as always the pace increased. We swam elbow to elbow, clashing several times as we got faster and faster. The hoover was in the pool and it's hose was in our path, Alfonso likes to go under while I prefer to go over it. On the last length we were swimming as fast as we could, Alfonso wanted to pass me before the end of the water. The hoover rolled across the bottom of the pool stretching out it's cable, swimming over it pushed it under and Alfonso got caught up slowing him down.
I did twenty two lengths and the water at 14ºC was warmer than the air.

Monday, 11 April 2011


I gave Elizabeth a bit of a fright this morning, lurking under the water at the deep end of the pool. It was a cold night but the water was soft and warm at about 14ºC. The sun wasn't so bright this morning but it played on the water creating nice reflections and slow moving zig zags on the rather dirty bottom of the pool.

The water must have been warm enough for Gus, it's a long time since I've seen him in the morning. I think he's normally cycling, he's getting a made to measure bike frame built.

Sue (and toes) was lapping with Chris and Margy, after these pictures I raced back down the pool to make it twenty two lengths in all. The sauna was on today but had only just got going so was warm rather than hot but it didn't matter as I only stayed in for ten minutes.