Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April showers

After the sun came rain, a windy wet mornining with low grey cloud. I used my lights on the way up to the Lido. I was quite early and the water is still about 11ºC. Had a lot of hat trouble perhaps because of tumble turns, in the end I settled for just the Swimtrek hat, perhaps the other one has had it? I wasn't cold with only the one.
Went on to swim twenty two lengths and then went to the sauna.
Took the pic of Sue and Margy just as they reached the deep end, I wish I'd framed it a bit better but I quite like it, especially the foreshortening of Sue's arm. I let them reach the end before I came up for air and then swam my last length back with them.

A crop to make it just Sue. I really like this, look at her toes!

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