Tuesday, 19 April 2011


What are they doing? A wonderful sunny morning, great for a swim. The pool is clearing up a bit but there's still a lot of silt on the bottom. Sue, Chris and Nick decided to help clear it up. Brian gave them brushes to help lift the detritus from the pool so it will get filtered out.

Here you can see them better. I swam with Alfonso yet again, it turns out his nickname used to be veinte dos which is funny because we did twenty two lengths. We went at a nice relaxed pace, it seems we bump into each other when Alfonso is on the left side of me, not sure whose fault that is.

Elizabeth was taking some pictures of us swimming so I returned the favour, despite the sunlight the water isn't that clear. I hope she puts some pictures up on her blog later. David hadn't taken the temperature when i spoke to him but both agreed it felt just a little warmer than yesterday, about 13.5ºC I think.

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  1. Great photos of the cleaning brigade!they do look funny ... I must have bee in the sauna when they got their brooms out! like my shot too! thank you, Alex! I know you'll check out my blog too - it's dedicated to you and Alfonso - so is the boo!