Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Speedy Alfonso

Another sunny day, but much cooler with a chill wind. I arrived just as Alfonso was ready to get in the water, 'Hurry up' he shouted. He did a couple of lengths while I got changed. I took this picture as he finished his second. At first his pace was rather slow, I left him yards behind racing a young guy in a wetsuit. After four lengths I waited and we set off together at a slower pace but as always the pace increased. We swam elbow to elbow, clashing several times as we got faster and faster. The hoover was in the pool and it's hose was in our path, Alfonso likes to go under while I prefer to go over it. On the last length we were swimming as fast as we could, Alfonso wanted to pass me before the end of the water. The hoover rolled across the bottom of the pool stretching out it's cable, swimming over it pushed it under and Alfonso got caught up slowing him down.
I did twenty two lengths and the water at 14ºC was warmer than the air.

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