Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

The second beautiful bank holiday in a row, air not quite as warm as Friday but the water feels wonderful, still at about 17ºC. No shivering and no need for a sauna. Carl and Tricky were just finishing their first swim when I got in, the whole pool was in use today because there were four lifeguards. I swam on the eastern side of the pool for the first time this year, it's usually my favourite in the summer as it tends to be the reserve of speedier swimmers and keeps the shade longest. I did a thirty six length stint and could have done more if I wanted without getting cold. I spotted Carl back in the water for his second swim so I went across and got this picture, not sure who the man in the yellow cap is.

After I had showered and changed Carl Richards had joined them. I got this picture of him pushing off from the deep end. Carl really makes swimming look effortless.


  1. Carl Richards pushing off the wall under water ... wow, that's an amazing pic, Carl!

  2. Alex - the swimmer with me is Simon, who's doing a solo channel this year. He's pretty fast, but then I remembered that you are too - probably cruising on the length you did back with us?

  3. Good luck Simon. He was really quick, I think he'd be a good pace match for me and Alfonso.