Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back to usual

Not sure who the green stripe shorts man is and he's not to easy to identify from this picture either but I had fun swimming against him this morning even though I doubt he realised it. The holidays are over and it was back to usual at the Lido this morning. A grey start to the day with a chilly breeze but the water felt better than ever, it must still be about 17ºC which was probably 5ºC warmer than the air.

The water is much clearer now although there is still some scrubbing to be done. Brian was scrubbing around the mid pool mark so that you suddenly reached a thick fog of debris. I had to be careful not to crash into Nick who was racing up and down with Sue and Chris.

David doing his bit to clean the pool. I swam thirty lengths this morning and skipped the sauna.

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