Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal splash

I went to the pool a little later on this Royal Wedding bank holiday. Alfonso was already swimming with Tom, Margy told me I'd been jilted! I got in the water and took this picture with the intention of joining them, unfortunately their pace was too slow and I didn't want Giles who was speeding along to overtake me. Nick and Johnathan were busy brushing, providing both a human chicane and big clouds in the water so that I had to sight my direction so as not to crash into anyone. Giles left the water before he caught up with me so I didn't have to try and race him. The water was a little cooler again 15ºC, weather overcast with a cool breeze but not as strong as before.  I went on to do twenty two lengths then feeling slightly chilly and with plenty of time to spare I had a twenty minute sauna where I met Kate. It was nearing eleven o'clock when I left the lido and the sun was beginning to come out so I sat on the common and watched the ceremony on my phone before cycling home on the remarkably empty roads.

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