Thursday, 17 April 2014

2 seconds

I was 2 seconds quicker than Tuesday over the twenty two lengths. I swam with Alfonso and Richard, at first Richard fell right back but by the mile mark he was storming through, Alfonso went with him and then it was me trailing. I'm glad ot the time because it didn't feel like we were pushing until the end.

These pictures are Alfonso and Carl. Who got back into the water again after 10 minutes in the sauna. Richard swam the whole way through and was planning on doing a two hour swim!

Richard looks a bit orange in this picture. The water was about 11°C.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Bright and sunny again, I wore sunscreen on my face today after getting a little burnt yesterday morning. Alfonso and I set out on a twenty two length swim, we upped the pace today and finished in 34.15, I can feel it in my shoulders. We did two more slow and two fast to make twenty six in total.

We both thought the water was a little cooler today and David confirmed it was back around 10°C. I love this picture of Jonathan.

The pool is very clear and clean at the moment, the lifeguards doing a wonderful job. They have people in working on the aerator fountain, I wonder if they will paint it? it's looking a bit yellow.

Alfonso was up for more and I persuaded him to dive in. I had to get off back to work.

Monday, 14 April 2014

35 minutes

Not a cloud in the sky just after eight when I arrive. Alfonso signs me in and we get ready to swim. Twenty two lengths or two kilometres in thirty five minutes. Not bad I thought but Alfonso thought we could have gone a bit faster. The water felt great but it's a shame not to use the sauna while it's still on.

Post sauna Alfonso wanted to do a few more but I had to get ready to go to work. He just over took Nick and had turned for another length when I snapped this.

Nick needed a rest before swimming back, he'll need to do a bit more training if he's going to beat me this year!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


It was another gorgeous morning, swimmers out in force the water a good 10°C. Richard and Alfonso were already swimming so I changed quickly and joined them.

The hoover was in the depths (can you see it?) and I got caught swimming over the hose at one point. We didn't swim quite as fast as yesterday but had some fun catching Mr Ape (who then put on a bit of speed) and also doing a few lengths with Tricky.

I stopped at twenty two, Alfonso had done twenty six and Richard had managed thirty four lengths. I didn't leave much time for pictures today.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Twenty two

I swam with Richard and Alfonso this morning. For the first six lengths or so they were dragging behind me. I like this picture, it shows how well Alfonso rolls with each stroke.

This is Richard the Cabbie who was also swimming in the sunshine. Richard and Alfonso didn't stop when the caught me but powered on and left me in their wake.

I fell about ten yards behind them and couldn't catch up. The light was wonderful and the water is over 10°C now.

Can you tell who this is? Face obscured by bubbles. On length eighteen I tried a final sprint to catch the speedy pair but was still well behind them at the end of the length.

I did another four lengths taking pictures, that's twenty two in total or two kilometres. If I didn't have to get to work I could have stayed much longer in the water.

Johnathan must have the longest reach at the lido. It's nice that the water was so clear.

Alfonso's hand is beautifully reflected on the surface. You can see by the shape of the wall that my camera makes the images slightly convex.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I hate unisex changing facilities, a common phenomena in a lot of new build pools these days. We've had them at the lido for the past few days but just because they refurbishing the showers.

I bet whoever made these signs won a Blue Peter badge as a child. I swam with Alfonso this morning, not as fast as yesterday thankfully but my arms do ache a bit. Eighteen lengths is enough right now with just a short sauna nlast before going to work.

I think this is Claire? A quick snap on my way out.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


The good news is it's a little warmer, the not so good news was that the water looked a little cloudy as you can see. Richard was already in the water when I arrived, Alfonso had done two lengths with him before I joined them. At first we went at a gentle pace but we seemed to get quicker as the lengths past by. I did eighteen, Alfonso twenty and Richard a whole lot more.

I had a little sauna but didn't really feel too cold. I want to try and get ready for the big sauna switch off that will happen this month. David made the water temperature 9°C. The sun broke through the high cloud just as it was time for me to leave, I hope the water gets warmer again today..