Monday, 29 April 2013


The water was an alarming shade of green this morning, something wrong with the pump? The lifeguards asked us to swim widths at the clearer shallow end.

Elizabeth had taken up my camera for a few shots, she tried to catch my tumble turn and I like the picture of Vince looking out across the water. I was doing a 2km or 66 width swim, here was a lot of turning involved it isn't as satisfying to swim widths.

On width 65 Jonathan and Nick decided to race me. I definitely saw one of them start well before I'd reached my turn. Fair enough they did both reach the other side before me, they were quite happy to pose for photos to celebrate their sucess.

I then caught this snap of Elizabeth diving into the green water. Let's hope it clears up and we can swim lengths again tomorrow. Tuesday is the last sauna day for this winter. The water is at 11ºC.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sunny day

Another sunny morning, the water felt warmer again. I think Fred has got a bit faster over the summer, aybe I've got a bit slower? Perhaps a bit of both? I'm finding a twenty two length swim quite tiring, that was my weekly distance until quite recently.

Jonathan and Pip did an eight length swim. Pip without goggles is looking directly at me.

I like this shot of Sue and Chris, good colour and reflections. It looks as if Chris is beating Sue!

The other Pip was swimming with them but I had to turn around to get this shot. He was impressed with the way I can lay on the bottom of the pool.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


It's probably not what you think. When I tell you it's a game for two it doesn't sound any better. Nick and Jonathan are so competative that they invented a game where they have to throw a shampoo bottle up to the rafters in the showers. They score it like tennis but they tell me the name is derived from shuttlecock.

A beautiful warm sunny morning, water about 11ºC. I did the full twenty two lengths taking the camera in for the last two. I love this second picture when Nick and Sue were right above me. Only a week of the sauna left now. A lot of contractors were in tidying up the place ready for opening to the public.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Two thousand yards

Just to top yesterday's distance I did twenty lengths this morning. The water is at that dangerous level where I don't realise how cold I'm getting until I get out. Weather a bit damp and cloudy but the water had held it's temperature at around 9ºC I believe. No Alfonso or Richard so it was a bit harder going on my own. Vince did a mile in his suit and everybody has upped their distance. Spent the last length messing about with the camera, this is a self portrait taken on the timer.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My first mile

After months and months of freezing weather it finally warmed up! Yesterday the water was 7.5ºC and I swam twelve lengths. I felt I could do more afterwards despite the luke warm sauna. A warm night and mild morning had made the water feel even warmer today. Just as I was getting in I saw Alfonso arrive, he joined me after length four and we swam at a steady pace, it's much easier with a swim buddy. Eighteen lengths and we weren't even pushing it. I hope to be taking pictures underwater again soon.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Most people seem to still be on Easter break so the pool was empty when I arrived just after eight. Ice was floating on the far side but it was possible to swim lengths. The sun was bright and the water looked inviting despite the cold wind. I swam four lengths which was probably one too many, I was cold. Only Sangeeta in the sauna at first but slowly other swimmers appeared. Richard is the channel aspirant who I sometimes swim with, he hadn't been in for a week and was concerned with how cold it would be. I told him I was sure he could manage two lengths, he has very good pace. I we can swim together later in the week.