Monday, 29 April 2013


The water was an alarming shade of green this morning, something wrong with the pump? The lifeguards asked us to swim widths at the clearer shallow end.

Elizabeth had taken up my camera for a few shots, she tried to catch my tumble turn and I like the picture of Vince looking out across the water. I was doing a 2km or 66 width swim, here was a lot of turning involved it isn't as satisfying to swim widths.

On width 65 Jonathan and Nick decided to race me. I definitely saw one of them start well before I'd reached my turn. Fair enough they did both reach the other side before me, they were quite happy to pose for photos to celebrate their sucess.

I then caught this snap of Elizabeth diving into the green water. Let's hope it clears up and we can swim lengths again tomorrow. Tuesday is the last sauna day for this winter. The water is at 11ÂșC.

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  1. beaten .. no! not really .. cheated, yes :) let's hope we can be back to lengths tomorrow: "them two" will never beat you on a length! :) well done for swimming: 60 many widths, 66 how come u did not lose count?