Thursday, 3 October 2013

Summer moved on

And so it's Winter season again.The leaves are beginning to turn and the morning crowd has thinned somewhat to the familiar faces prepared to brave the water.

Of course Sue R and and Chris are still swimming. I had to try and remember how to take underwater pictures, when is the best time to dive? how long can I hold my breath?

The sun slowly made it's way across the pool lighting up the coloured doors. We've had a mild week although it's due to pour down this afternoon. The lifeguards say it's 14°C but David thought nearer 12.5°C, still that's warmer than last year.

Sue carried on after Chris was done, I think she's doing the Macmillan Swimathon this week end. Alfonso joined me for my last four lengths, 18 in total.


  1. Great to have you back, you haven't lost your touch at all - photos still looking good.

  2. Well I decided to start up again after reading back through last years posts. I like the record for myself even if there's little variation. Remember all those wonderful cakes you bought in last October?