Monday, 14 October 2013

Sink or swim

It was decidedly chillier this morning, I got a real head freeze on the first length and will be wearing my neoprene hat tomorrow. Not sure what the temperature is but I'd say around 11°C.

The first two pictures are Elizabeth, there weren't that many people in the water today. The rain has stopped but it was overcast and damp.

Sue R came by next. She tried to swim down to say hello but by that point I needed to surface for air.

Elizabeth again, confusingly they both wore pink swim caps this morning.

See what I mean? I've become quite skilled at sinking to the bottom of the pool to take pictures.

Nicky and Sue R asked me how I did it. Breathing out as I dive down I can then lie on the bottom of the pool. They then both tried to have a go.

Try as she might Nicky doesn't get that sinking feeling.

Fourteen lengths was plenty and I was quite chilly when I got out, more warm clothes needed this week.


  1. It definitely was more chilly this morning! 10C me thinks ... but didn't check with David, did you?

  2. I didn't check with David, Giles told me it was 10.5°C