Monday, 7 October 2013

Champagne mist

A misty Monday morning. the was quite cool, colder than the water I think. Tricky and Sue R had finished their swim and Kate was off for a run before she got in the water.

An almost empty pool when I got in. The water good and clear, Vince steaming up and down in his wetsuit, I love the angle of his hand entering the water.

A few lengths later and I could tell someone was gaining on me in the water, it was Margy. I had to race back to the shallow end and get my camera to get this shot.

Another of Vince suspended in the water, he finishes his swim with a few non wetsuit lengths, he finds the difference in buoyancy really noticeable.

This seems to have been left behind from Saturday's Macmillan charity swim. Everyone who took part deserves a glass of bubbly. I didn't catch the official temperature this morning but it's at least as warm as Friday I think. I did another eighteen lengths.

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