Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Golden days

A Beautiful morning for a swim, perhaps the last warm morning this autumn? Richard was already in the water so I joined him. We powered up and down the very edge of the swimming area, the pool was quite full.

The sun had bought everybody out and really felt quite warm when it was on your back. Swimming on the track side the sunlight was only just reaching the common side by about 8.30. You can see the reflections behind Elizabeth.

The golden light reflected off the lockers onto the water, the leaves on the trees behind beginning to colour. I didn't catch David's official temperature taking but it must be about the 14°C the lifeguards claim it is.

Richard sped off while I took pictures, you can see how powerful his kick is. We had done sixteen lengths together and I did another two while taking photos.

Elizabeth was just reaching the shallow end as I got out and I got this great image by luck more than anything.

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  1. like all the shots, Alex - what a lovely autumn morning at the Lido!!