Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hose pipe

The hose twisted on the water surface, an obstacle for all swimmers.Weak sunshine this morning and a chilly breeze but not too bad. The difference between air and water wasa little less today, perhaps the pool was cooler but not so much you'd notice.

I swam alone again, funny after last weeks racing with Alfonso but a lot more relaxing.

This chap (Ian?) was racing up and down. Sue, Chris and Nick are in the background.

The sun was lovely on the water reflecting the door, the trees are in full leaf now which makes great backdrop. Twenty two lengths at about 16ºC.

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  1. Only just seen these photos & yes one of them is me ...Ian! Great colours from the vibrant sunshine. After getting a little cold yesterday, the suit came out again today, ensuring much mirth from Margy, Chris & co.!