Friday, 8 April 2011

Lucky 13

I swam at a different time today, I wasn't in the office for once but had an appointment in town. I'd wrapped things up by 11am and so raced back to Earl's Court picked up my bicycle and then raced down to Tooting, I was quite hot and looking forward to a good swim by the time I arrived which was just around midday.
The Lido seemed like a different place to usual, a sunny warm Friday at noon saw many more people than in the morning. The given temperature was 13ºC and it seemed at least a dozen people were swimming, I wondered about the ten person rule but wasn't going to point it out to the lifeguards.
The water was bliss, I could feel the hot overhead sun on my back and so I swam. I swam and swam, past twenty two, past thirty. Then I looked at my watch about a quarter to one, enough time for a short sauna so I did thirty four length in all. I got out and made my way to the sauna but a kind lady who had just done two lengths told me it was closed today!

Instead I basked in the sunshine and chatted to the lady (I didn't catch her name). I was a bit concerned how I would feel, I had Margy's warnings ringing in my ears about not overdoing it and relying on the sauna. The air temperature was about 20ºC though and apart from a little leg shaking I felt fine.
I didn't do any people pictures today because I didn't want to startle anyone, let's have a closer look at that thermometer. A bit difficult to see and I'm not sure what official temperature taker David would say but it looked nearer 14ºC to me in the deep end at about 12.45. No wonder I survived a 3KM swim without a sauna.

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