Sunday, 3 April 2011

A different lido

I went to Brockwell Lido this morning, it's their opening weekend and it was free to swim! The weather was warm and sunny, the lido's beautiful deco buildings kept the cold wind out. Being a smaller pool than Tooting and being in a sun trap I wasn't surprised to find that the water was 13ºC.

I met my friend Ben, who is a seasonal regular at Brockwell. Being the first swim of the season he wore his suit. When he first got in his face was frozen which was a bit of a shock but he soon got used to it. We swam 20 lengths together which is one kilometre, at this point Ben carried on while I took a few pictures. Although the water felt fine I knew I'd be cold when I got out.

There was quite a few people swimming suited and skins, the café was heaving. After a quick shower and putting on some warm layers we sat in the sun and had a coffee. I was still a little shivery for a while but it soon passed, Ben sat in shirt sleeves enjoying the sun.
While we were sitting Alfonso came by, he had arrived with his family for a picnic. He wasn't going to swim having already been at Tooting in the morning.

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