Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Mild and slightly misty but the water is still cold. Here's Chris at the end of his swim, looks like he enjoyed it!

A yellow leaf hiding. I was a little late today and worried about how much sauna time I would have so decided on four lengths. Richard joined me and we raced up and down and both felt we could have done a couple more, perhaps tomorrow?

Not sure how many length Giles managed? Cutting my distance I warmed up much more quickly.

We have fire exits in an open air swimming pool.

The hoover was doing it's thing.


  1. 4 seemed to be the magic number, Alex! u on 4, Giles on 4 Chris on 4 .. me : on 2 ;) water : below 4C , 3.5C according to you know who :)

  2. I felt I could do more but at the same time four was enough. It was about 6.5°C this time last year