Monday, 11 November 2013


No new pictures this morning because I was mostly on my own in the water. It was cold about 7.5°C I think. I did a twelve length swim and then headed to the sauna. Meanwhile here's what was happening on this day for the past three years:

This was me in 2010, the water was 9°C but I only did six lengths, I'm not sure why? I was trying out some new reflective goggles before I went on a Swimtrek to Egypt. I didn't take to them, they're tinted too dark, I always use clear goggles now.

In 2011 Stephanie was swimming great distances in preparation of her channel attempt which was successful in 2012. The water was a balmy 10.5°C and I swam eighteen lengths.

In 2012 the water was only 7°C and the sauna wasn't on that day! I only did six lengths but Kate baked an amazing looking Savoy Gateau. Unfortunately I had to leave for work before I got a slice.

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