Monday, 4 November 2013


The 2014 SLSC calender is now on sale! The perfect Christmas gift? There's lots of pictures of the past years events and a few composite photos that I've taken of the Lido. Buy it now while stocks last!

 In celebration I made a new composite this morning. It was bright and cold the low light streaming across the water. I did a twelve length swim.

The light across the water. It's a time of year for more gossip (when isn't) than swimming. When will the sauna be switched on?

The Stanton Cross in brilliant sunlight.

Elizabeth said 'It must be below 10°C', Pip and Nando agreed. I didn't get confirmation from David but I think they're right.


  1. I checked with David : 9.5C this morning …sauna on on Nov 10th according to "hearsay"! This will be a "tough week ! ;)

  2. Right about the temperature, 9.5°C but the sauna was on this morning. A few people were saying 'it's not cold enough yet' but I thought it'd be a waste not to use it.