Thursday, 7 November 2013

Vicarious pleasures

I'm aware of criticism that my blog doesn't change that much. I swim at the same time every day in the same pool and I mostly see the same people. I hope you enjoy vicariously swimming with me. Oh look it's Mr Ape (again).

I swam twelve lengths with Richard, he wanted to go a little further so I then took pictures safe in the knowledge of the sauna waiting for me. It was a mild morning and I perhaps could have gone further. Should I go for a November mile?

Just as I was getting out Alfonso launched himself upon the water quickly catching Richard. I believe it's still around 9°C in the pool. It was only about 7°C this time last year and I was swimming twelve lengths then.

I followed them up the lido and caught them both on their way back before a welcome twenty minutes in the sauna.

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