Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wednesday morning

I'm usually a little later on Wednesday and today was no different. I caught Fred up cycling to the lido and then caught him up again in the water. Richard was already swimming when I got in and he did six more lengths with me before hitting the sauna, I went on to do twelve altogether.

Chris complains that I always take pictures from Sues side, I didn't have much choice with him swimming along the wall. He's taken to staring at the 8.45 before he goes to the sauna so I think he's probably well exposed enough for Tooting.

Pip knows how to pose, she's looking right at me. A gloomy morning the water was about 9°C I believe.

I didn't catch Elizabeth on her swim, by the time I got my camera ready she was out. Post sauna she was diving in for a few more widths so I got my chance for a picture.

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