Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Whole pool

Great to have a whole pool again, especially when there are so few in the water. A sunny thirty six lengths puctuated with a near crash into Chris on length thirty three. It's half term so quite a few people were later swimming than usual.

As it's the end of the month I must do the May statistics:
In May 2011 the water temperature ranged from 13ºC to 17ºC
I swam a total of 706 lengths
Which is 70600 yards, about 39.5 miles or 64 Km
I did 23 seperate swims
Longest single swim 36 lengths, shortest 22 lengths
Scores on the doors: nine blue, six red, five green and three yellow.

I also swam 2km at Brockwell lido so over 40 miles in a month! And more puzzlingly yellow went from favourite to least use door colour, what does it all mean?

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