Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's not a race...

Another sunny morning and warmer too. At the lido before 8, the water was almost crowded but I found a quiet spot and set off. After sixteen lengths Alfonso joined me in the water we kept an easy pace, dodged the hose and swam around slower people. I saw Nick and Sue waiting to join us at the end of the length, we all set off together but I could resist kicking a bit a pulling foward, Nick did his best to keep up. I should remember it's not a race, Nick just wanted a few faster pace lengths. After a little rest he joined us again over two more lengths easily keeping up with our more sensible swimming. I stopped after thirty six and took this picture of Alfonso and Nick pushing off for two more, pity I didn't quite frame the pair of them.


  1. Alex - what's happened to Elizabeth? No blogging for weeks now.

  2. I saw her earlier this week but not today. She's still swimming. Interviewing and taking pictures takes up a lot of time, that's why my posts are so brief.