Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Okay, two more...

Another bright sunny cold morning, I could see my breath as I cycled up to the lido but  the sun was warm on my back. Tricky and Margy were swimming up and down beautifully when I arrived, by the time I was getting into the water they had just turned at the far end of the pool. I wasn't sure how long they would be in the water but I wanted to try and catch up with them so set off at speed, they may have had a little break because I caught them in four lengths and took this picture. I carried on, my next goal was a chap in a wetsuit. We were quite evenly matched in pace so I really had to pull on the water to make up the distance. The wind had at least dropped a bit today but the air was still colder than the water despite the sun in the almost clear blue sky. I decided I would go on to thirty lengths today because I had the time. On length twenty seven Nick joined me at great speed, I was getting tired but kept pace with him over two lengths, In my mind I thought I'd wait until length thirty to pass him but after the two lengths he stopped. I went on to do twenty nine and coming back on thirty I could see Nick was still in the water. 'Don't stop now' he said when I reached the end of my length. So we set off down the pool, Nick edged ahead of me for a bit, he was really going for it. I tumble turned and making my way back we were still neck and neck, so I decided to start kicking. I don't usually kick much it's exhausting, but the extra leverage pulls you up in the water and you go quicker, I was too body lengths ahead of him by the end of the length. Poor Nick looked more exhausted than me. Sue, Chris and Pip had all been watching and cheering him on. It was a good swim, Nick had teriffic pace and I couldn't have kicked for much further. Thirty two lengths at about 15ÂșC.

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