Monday, 23 May 2011

Flotsam and jetsam

I'm not refering to Margy and Tricky in the title but rather the large ammount of stuff blown into the water over the past couple of days. The autumn leaves are fun to swim through if a little scratchy but at this time of year we have a mixture of seed and leaf casings as well as small branches and a few old leaves in the water. At the deep end it was like a Minestrone, bits kept getting stuck between my fingers and on my goggles, I even found some in my trunks after I got out. The pool had been nearly empty when I arrived at 8, Margy and Tricky started swimming just after me. By 8.30 we were near the twenty person limit in the water and it felt quite crowded. Despite the wind it wasn't cold and I did a thirty six length swim in about fifty five minutes with the water still around 17ÂșC. Margy and Tricky were still swimming as I left for work.

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