Thursday, 12 May 2011

Super fast

Another sunny day at the lido. I might have to start wearing the tri-suit at least until we can swim on the east side of the pool in the shade. The swimmer above set off a little after me (Nick?), I could tell he was going at a great pace, he has a really strong kick making lots of bubbles. I took this picture and then followed him. He had a really good tumble turn, any distance I made up in a length was lost as he pushed off from the wall.

There are a lot of fast swimmers at the lido but more often than not they rest or take a break after just a couple of lengths, not this guy. He just kept on going, we swam neck and neck for about twenty eight more lengths. It was exhausting!

Alfonso joined us for a bit but I think we were going to quickly for him, that gives some idea of the speed. The speedy swimmer stopped when I had done thirty two lengths, I went on to do four more so thirty six in total at 16ÂșC.


I tried a bit more video too. It's not very easy and Blogspot doesn't always let me up load the footage. By holding on to the end bar I was able to film Batch swimming toward me, only a few seconds worth. I guess a side view of a swimmer would be more useful.

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