Tuesday, 3 May 2011

No sauna, mixed showers

Cold clear sunny and dry. Funny old weather we're having. Not really that cold, just a nagging east wind. The pool temperature has held pretty well I think although I didn't measure it I guess it's about 15ÂșC or a little less. Perhaps the protection from the wind makes it feel warmer? A relief to get out of the wind.  A fair few swimmers but no Alfonso when I set off, ten lengths later and I saw him on my tumble turn. He raced to catch up with me which meant we went faster and faster. Exhausting swim, I went on to do twenty eight lengths. There were several groups going up and down the pool, Margy was swimming with Tricky and Sue, Chris and Nick started swimming just in front of Alfonso and I giving us even more reason to race to pass them. I should have done more but thought Alfonso might stop after the mile especially as there's no more sauna. In fact he went on to make it twenty while I went to the showers only to find Elizabeth in there. Some work is being done in the Ladies so it's mixed showers for the moment. Put on a jumper and cycled to work.

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