Thursday, 26 May 2011

Quicker Nick

I arrived the same time this morning as super fast Nick from the other week. I had really enjoyed our 2km race but didn't feel up to it today, luckily he felt the same. Nick got in the water about a length behind me and 15 yards to my left, of course I kept an eye on him. When we weren't racing we seemed to keep a pretty even pace, we'll have to try swimming together without it being a competition. After twenty two I was ready to get out. Pip and Alfonso were at the end of the pool.
'how many more?' Alfonso asked and I told him I'd finished and suggested he race Nick.
'He's faster than me' I said.
'That can't be true!' Pip joked.
When Nick returned I followed him doing two more lengths, although I came in first I don't think he really wanted to race. Then Alfonso took up the challenge and went after him, funny to watch them swim together such different styles, Alfonso barely looks like he's trying but I know he was going as fast as he could. By contrast Nick looks as if he puts much more effort in, his stroke is good and as you can see he's flat on the water but the constant leg kick is amazing especially over such longer distances. Next time I see Nick I'll try and film him.
Twenty four lengths at 17ÂșC

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