Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Quick Nick

The wind dropped and not a cloud in the sky, another beautiful morning at the lido. Bit later today and only did a twenty two length swim. Chris, Nick and Sue swimming together so I took a picture. 'It's that pervert again' was Chris' reaction, you'd think being an actor he'd enjoy having his picture taken. I popped back up and said good morning to them and challenged them to a race back to the shallow end. We kept pace for the first 25 yards then I decided to put my foot down and swim away, I was surprised that by about 60 yards Nick was right by my ankles having left the others behind, I had to put in an extra spurt to keep ahead of him until the end. He's got a fine turn of speed when he wants it. Sue was glad he's worn himself out so that the rest of their swim could be at an easier pace. Nick said his arms were sore when he got out.

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