Monday, 16 May 2011

Big wave

Yesterday I swam at Brockwell for a change, just a couple of kilometres. The pool there there has been divided into five lanes two of which were closed, the water was quite cloudy which was a bit disappointing. Good to back on home water, the lido wasn't as full as on those sunny mornings last week which was nice. Got this picture of Elizabeth swimming with fins, she really powers up and down in them but I think it takes a lot of effort to use them. I want to try and get a better shot so I waited for her on the next length poised with my camera.

Elizabeth got snagged by the monster, then seeing me waiting stopped to wave before swimming off. The water was 17ÂșC and I swam thirty six lengths.

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  1. yes swimming with the training fins is quite exhausting .. guess I just have to do it more often-well we are only allowed to use them until the end of the month -everything changes once the public is allowed in;) so I'll bring them along again tomorrow - for more photo opportunities!