Monday, 21 May 2012

Summer season

The summer gate is open again, the public are welcomed back to lido. We can now swim the entire pool, there are two lanes on the track side for triathletes but none were here at 8am this morning.

Empty lanes stretching the length of the lido. I swam down the trackside just out side the lanes. For most of the swim Vince was the only other person in the water.

The hoover was out again cutting a swathe through the debris on the bottom of the pool.

Here comes Elizabeth!A really good roll in this picture, her profile as narrow as can be with a good stretch.

Nando keeps pace for the length, nice surface reflections on a rather cold grey morning.

A slightly asymmetric tumble turn before she makes her way back down the pool.

Nando stopped for a rest so I sped back past Elizabeth to catch her at the shallow end.

Suspended mid tumble. Elizabeth later told me she was afraid she was going to put her foot in the water outlet.

 After she sped off again Nando came back in to finish his length. The water was 12ÂșC and I did eighteen lengths.


  1. great shots again Alex particularly the one of the lane ... how do you stay at the bottom of the pool looking so comfortable ?!

  2. Forget swimming, I taught myself how to sink. I'm really good at it!

  3. After our sessions with Ray Gibbs yesterday, Ape and I decided you have a very effective "catch"!

  4. I guess my catch must be quite effective but my hands automatically go in 'thumbs first' which I know is wrong. I still have a bit of an s-shape to my catch as well. I'd love to have lessons but I'm afraid of what I might find!