Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Reel around the fountain

Beautiful blue skies, the lido looked most inviting although the water is only 12ºC after the clear night. You an just see Pip and Elizabeth having a gossip by the changing cubicles.

Carl and Carl were already swimming when I got in. I grabbed my camera on length seven to get a picture of them, somehow I knew they'd be getting out soon. Carl later took a picture of me which I'm sure he'll post here later.

I do like this picture of Elizabeth, although I didn't catch her tumble turn today. Despite the 0.5ºC drop in water temperature it was much warmer out of the pool and eighteen lengths were no problem.


  1. thanx for this shot Alex ... here is looking "straight at you"!

  2. like the two Carls pushing off too !!